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📽️ Welcome to the Leah Maree Creations App - Where I'm Your Wedding Videography Guru! 🎬

It's like a backstage pass to the world of wedding magic. 👰

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Inside you'll find;

Getting Ready Tips

From woe to go, I spill all the beans on getting ready for your big day. No more makeup mishaps or tangled ties!

The Big Day Unveiled

Curious about what I do on the wedding day? Prepare for behind-the-scenes sneak peeks and insights.

Frequently Asked Fun

Got questions? I've got answers! Dive into my Frequently Asked Questions section, where I tackle everything from "Do I need a videographer?" to "Will my uncle's interpretive dance make the cut?"

Ready to take the plunge into the world of wedding videography?

Alright, lovely folks, I'm about to make joining my app a breeze. 


Step 1: Click the Link: It all starts with one magical click - Leah Maree Creations (via Spaces by Wix App). When you see that irresistible "Join My App" button, don't hesitate—give it a gentle tap.

Step 2: Zoom to Google Play or Apple Store: Whoosh! You're instantly transported to either the Google Play Store or the Apple Store, depending on your device. We're going full tech-wizard here, folks!

Step 3: Download 'Spaces by Wix' App: Once you've landed in the store, just search for 'Spaces by Wix.' It's the gateway to your wedding videography adventure.

Step 4: Install & Open: Hit that download button like you're about to win a jackpot, then open the app. You're on your way to joining our exclusive community!

Step 5: Create an Account: Time to let your creative juices flow! Create an account with a username, password, and all that jazz. You'll be in control of your wedding videography destiny.


Step 6: Request to Join: You're almost there! Find the 'Join Leah Maree Creations App' option, hit that request button, and voilà! I'll approve your request and you've officially joined the coolest wedding videography club in town.


Now you can sit back, relax, and prepare for a rollercoaster of wedding videography wisdom. It's like the front-row seat to everything you could know about filming your day! 

Having Trouble Downloading?

Having trouble? Here is an instructional video to help you - App Troubleshooting.

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