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Capturing the Bride and Bridesmaids' Morning!

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Hey there, lovely brides and bridesmaids-to-be! Leah here, your friendly neighbourhood wedding videographer extraordinaire. Today, I'm going to spill the beans on one of the most exciting, heartwarming, and sometimes messy

parts of your big day: the moments leading up to "I do."

Picture this: you're surrounded by your favourite people, sipping on mimosas, dancing to your favourite tunes, and trying to tame your hair into submission—all while I'm in the background, capturing the magic. So, let's dive into some tips and tricks to make this part of your wedding day unforgettable in more ways than one!

1. Musical Magic

Nothing sets the mood quite like the perfect playlist. Whether you're a Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, or Frank Sinatra kind of bride, music is key to getting those good vibes flowing. My advice? Create a playlist that represents you, your love story, and your squad. Trust me; it's a surefire way to get everyone in the groove.

2. Sips and Sips

Mimosas, anyone? A glass of bubbly is practically a wedding morning tradition. But remember, we're not aiming for sloshed bridesmaids here. Keep the drinks light, and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! You'll thank me when you're glowing in those close-ups.

3. Fuel Up, Buttercup

Whether it's a spread of bagels, fruit, or an all-out brunch extravaganza, make sure there's something substantial to munch on. You've got a long day ahead, and a happy belly equals a happy crew.

4. Dressing Drama

Ladies, let's talk about those gorgeous wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses. When it's time to get dressed, designate a "dresser-in-chief." This VIP will help you and your bridesmaids into those fabulous outfits while I capture every "ooh" and "aah." It's a win-win!

5. Time Flies

Lastly, remember that time is your ally, not your enemy. Schedule a little buffer time into your morning timeline. Unexpected hiccups happen, and we don't want anyone feeling rushed. Plus, it gives me the opportunity to capture candid moments without the stress.

And there you have it, my dear soon-to-be-wed friends—some tips to ensure your wedding morning is as memorable as the rest of your day. Laughter, love, and a little bit of chaos are all part of the journey. Trust me; these are the moments you'll cherish forever.

So, let's get ready to rock your wedding morning! I'll be there with my camera, capturing every smile, every tear, and every unforgettable moment. Cheers to love, laughter, and a picture-perfect start to your happily ever after! 🥂💍🎥

Got any more questions or need some pro tips? Drop me a line anytime. Your wedding day is my passion, and I'm here to make sure it's a blockbuster hit!


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