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Juggling Wedding Videography and Motherhood: A Day in My Chaotic, Beautiful Life with Marlee

Hey there, I'm Leah, the face behind Leah Maree Creations, and I'm here to give you a glimpse into the whirlwind reality of running a full-time wedding videography business while also being a stay-at-home mum to my eight-month-old bundle of joy, Marlee. 🎥👶

Morning Mayhem with Marlee:

The day starts bright and early, or rather, before the sun has even considered rising. I'm often greeted by a symphony of giggles, gurgles, and babbling as Marlee announces the dawn of a new adventure. We snuggle, we feed, we play—those precious moments with Marlee are my daily fuel.

Business Mode ON:

Once Marlee and I have transformed from sleep-deprived beings into somewhat functioning humans, it's time to don my business hat. There's a mountain of tasks awaiting my attention, starting with the ever-enthralling world of bookkeeping. Who knew spreadsheets could be my best frenemy?

Editing Escapades with Marlee:

Next up, the creative core of my business—the editing room. It's here where I weave together the love stories of the couples I've had the honor of capturing. Selecting the perfect music to complement their journey often turns into a mini dance party with Marlee. 🕺💃

Emails, Social Media, and More:

Answering emails is a daily exercise in multitasking. One hand on the keyboard, the other on a teething toy. Social media management? Oh, that's an art form in itself. I've mastered the art of posting while Marlee naps, responding to messages during feeding time, and typing with one hand while rocking a pram with the other.

Naptime Hustle with Marlee:

Naptime, that coveted chunk of precious quietude! This is when I become a whirlwind of productivity. I cull footage, select clips, and assemble storylines faster than a toddler can empty a toy box.

Mum Life Moments with Marlee:

But it's not all about business; motherhood has its shining moments too. I cherish those giggles, those first crawls, and the exploration of the world through Marlee's eyes. It's a constant reminder of why I do what I do—to capture those magical moments for other families. Sometimes, Marlee joins me in client meetings or on calls, adding an unexpected sprinkle of cuteness to the conversations. Those impromptu greetings and Marlee's baby babble interruptions often bring smiles to the faces on the other end of the line. It's these instances that make the daily hustle even more rewarding.

The Beautiful Chaos with Marlee:

My day is a never-ending dance between nappies and editing software, teething toys and client meetings, Marlee's babbles and business jargon. It's chaotic, challenging, and beautiful all at once. There's no such thing as a typical day; every day is a new adventure.

So, that's a little peek into my reality—juggling the demanding roles of a wedding videographer and a stay-at-home mum with Marlee by my side. It's a crazy, fulfilling life, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Here's to capturing love stories and creating memories, both in business and in life, with my little Marlee. 🎉👩‍👧‍👦💖

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