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Rolling with the Groom's Crew: Filming Groom and Groomsmen Shenanigans!

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Hey there, folks! Leah here, your go-to wedding videographer with a penchant for capturing unforgettable moments, and today we're diving into a whole different kind of wedding morning shenanigans – the groom and his trusty crew! Hold on to your bowties, because it's about to get serious.

Imagine this: The groom and his squad, looking dapper as ever, navigating their way through ties, tuxes, and maybe a little pre-wedding jitters. My job? To catch every candid moment and keep the laughs rolling. So, let's get down to business with some tips on how to make the groom's getting-ready scene a blockbuster hit!

1. Tunes for the Troops

First things first, gentlemen, we need the right tunes to set the mood. Whether you're into classic rock, hip-hop, or a little country twang, crank up those jams and get the party started.

2. Sip Smart

Now, I'm all for a stiff drink, but let's not get the groom sloshed before the vows, shall we? Opt for a classy whiskey or craft beer tasting session. It's the perfect blend of relaxation and sophistication. And remember, water is your ally – stay hydrated, gents!

3. Breakfast of Champions

Nobody wants a hangry groom, so let's fuel up with a hearty breakfast. Bacon, eggs, and pancakes? Yes, please! This is the time to indulge in some manly eats before you suit up.

4. Dress to Impress

Speaking of suits, getting dressed can be a comedy show all on its own. Have a designated "tie-tamer" or "button-buttoner" to keep things running smoothly. And don't forget the obligatory "suited up" pose for the camera. Classic!

5. Time is on Your Side

Gentlemen, remember that time is our friend, not our foe. Make sure to leave a bit of wiggle room in the schedule for unexpected laughs and mishaps. After all, these are the moments you'll cherish forever.

So there you have it, my dapper dudes! With these tips in your back pocket, your groom's getting-ready experience will be a riot. Laughter, camaraderie, and a touch of elegance – that's what it's all about.

As your trusty videographer, I'll be there, camera in hand, ready to capture every fist bump, every funny face, and every heartfelt moment. Your wedding day should be unforgettable from start to finish, and I'm here to make sure of it!

Got questions or want to chat about your upcoming wedding? I'm just a click away. Let's make your big day the blockbuster event you've always dreamed of. Cheers to love, laughter, and a whole lot of groomsmen shenanigans! 🎩🤵🤵🎉📽️


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