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The Wedding Connector

Connecting Darwin wedding vendors to couples to create their perfect wedding. I am creating a website/socials to help us locals easily find businesses - listings are FREE. 


Vendor Information and listing sign up.


Connecting NT Businesses with couples to create their dream day.

Hi, my name is Leah and I own a local business in Darwin. Whilst I am not in the wedding industry but I was helping a friend plan their wedding recently and wished every vendor would magically appear for me. I was time-poor and also being a part of numerous group chats, I couldn't find one place that lists different vendors around Darwin and Katherine areas. My aim is to provide an easy go-to place for couples and businesses alike, to help each other out.

Get the below for free;


Instagram/Facebook Post

Your accounts will be tagged with every post. The information we received in the submission form is what you will see posted.


Stories & highlights

You will also get a story feature, that can be remixed into a reel later, and featured under the highlights tab under your industry category.

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Listed on website

A listing under your industry category that has your social media accounts & website hyperlinked to easy access to your services.

The benefits;

✨ We list your business, for free, and link all enquires back to you. 

✨ We add you to our website, with SEO, linking your details.

✨ If you can be searched under your industry, for example, Darwin Makeup Artists, now you can be found also when they search Wedding Vendors Darwin or NT.

✨ All listings are listed under my industry-specific highlights for the couple not wanting to search down the page.

✨ Website listing under industry-specific 

Vendor Submission Form

Answer questions in the below form to assist with posting on socials and website.

It's about you.

A little disclaimer, I do not handle enquiries. All posts will include your social tags/contact information and soon-to-be newlyweds will be directed to your site/tags. If I receive a DM, I will be advising them to contact your business directly. This is a free listing/post to help advertise NT businesses.

Vendor Agreement

By submitting your business material you agree you have read this document and understand and agree to this content.

Step 2

I'll put together a post and send to you for review within 7 days

Step 3

Once reviewed, I'll give you a date that I will post and share from there!

Like, share & Connect

I know you're tired of the Instagram algorithms changing.-2.png

Get Found.

I am the only page that appears for;

🔎 Darwin Wedding Vendors

🔎 Wedding Vendors Darwin

🔎 NT Wedding Vendors

If couples are like me, they are busy, stressed and overwhelmed thinking of what they need to organise next. Let’s make it easier

In this webinar we will cover

Spread the love 🥂

Share with other businesses, friends and family. Let's create a wedding community to showcase what Darwin has to offer.

A preview of the website;

Ready to jump on board?

Answer questions in the below form to assist with posting on socials and website.

Bride and Groom

Have further questions? Submit them here;

Thanks for submitting!

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